What Are the Benefits of Stress Balls?

When was the last time you sat down and thought to yourself “Hmm…I have nothing to do…” Ha! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Between shuffling kids to school functions and sports practice, work priorities, and social commitments it’s no wonder we feel stressed at times. And let’s not forget what time of year it is – the holidays are right around the corner so you can add baking, shopping and entertaining to the list.

Wouldn’t it be nice if in times of chaos you could just get a little bit of stress out, in a quick and healthy way? Have you ever tried a stress ball? They work well on days when you want to squeeze the life out of something too – they always bounce back!

A Quick Fix
Stress balls, or Eggsercizers, are small egg shaped objects, filled with a malleable gel, that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Repeatedly squeezing the egg releases tension and in turn, helps to relieve stress. In addition to the mental benefits, stress balls also boost blood circulation and help with the treatment of carpal-tunnel syndrome and arthritis — and they’re used as a tool for meditation too. Because they’re so small, they’re convenient to store in your purse or bag – pull them out whenever you’re on the verge of feeling stressed.

How Do Stress Balls Work?

Lowering levels of stress and tension can help to improve your quality of life by promoting better sleep habits, warding off illness and increasing a general feeling of well-being. Squeezing the egg activates the muscles of your hand and wrist, then releasing the grip allows the muscles to relax. The repeated pattern of gripping and releasing helps to alleviate tension and stress.

Great For Hand Injuries Too

The muscles in your hands and wrist can become weak or strained from daily overuse, arthritis or a fracture or sprain. Squeezing a stress ball or Eggsercizer can help to rehabilitate and strengthen your hand. Simply hold the ball or egg in the palm of your hand and squeeze it as tightly as possible; hold the grip for five seconds and release. Repeat 10 times.

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