Family Friendly Health Event in Wayland

    Join us on Tuesday, May 13, 6-7pm at our Wayland Clinic, 709 West Superior, Wayland, 269.792.4440

    This free, open house-style event will have various activities for kids and parents to participate in together. Four topics will be covered, including:
    Healthy Recipes
    Parents and kids will help us make healthy desserts, snacks, and lunches. We’ll have demonstrations to participate in, and lots of extras to sample!
    Fitness Tips
    Have fun and stay fit as a family! We’ll show you some great healthy activities that parents and kids can do together.
    Backpack Safety
    6000 kids are sent to the ER each year with backpack related injuries. Stop by with your child and their pack for a free fitting. It only takes 3-5 minutes and it’ll reduce your child’s risk of back pain.
    Bike and Helmet Safety
    Head injuries should not be taken lightly, and often occur while biking. In fact, bike helmets are so important that the U.S. government has created safety standards for them. If you’re not sure if your child’s helmet fits properly, stop by with your child and their helmet for a free assessment. 


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