What You Should Know About Youth Personal Training

Most often when we think of exercise and kids, we consider aerobic activities such as running, biking, or swimming. These are all great forms of exercise of course, but resistance training can also provide another set of benefits when done properly. Enhanced muscular strength, power, sports performance, and resistance to sports-related injuries are just some of the results your child might experience.

Personal training encompasses a lot of things including speed, agility, flexibility and strength. For young athletes, however, special consideration must be taken with strength (resistance) training. Young individuals cannot be treated as adults, and require an adult to monitor proper technique and slow progression to ensure safety. That’s where a personal trainer can help.

When to begin serious resistance training largely depends on the individual. It’s wise to wait until he or she is out of the preadolescent stage and growth spurts have tapered off. Prior to this stage, they can start with light weight training with the main focus on developing proper techniques and form.

If you’re interested in learning more about the advantages of youth personal training or curious to know if it’s right for your child, please ask to consult with one of our personal trainers. They will be happy to answer your questions!

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