Strengthening Your Core

Flip through the pages of this month’s West Michigan Woman and you’ll notice two familiar contributors.

Our two co-owners and physical therapists, Janis Kemper and Gina Otterbein, contributed once again to West Michigan Woman, a local magazine and online publication. They wrote a great piece on strengthening your core which featured some corresponding exercises.

Stop the “Crunches” and Train Your Core
West Michigan Woman, February 2013

How many times have you started the year off with good intentions of following through with a resolution to lose weight, get in shape, or be more active? We’ve all been there with the best of intentions, but once February rolls around, that resolution is long gone. Many of us lose the time and ambition, or find that working out can be quite painful.

You can read the article in its entirety here, see pages 20-21. And to check out Janis and Gina’s last article on postpartum pregnancy exercises, click here.

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