Best Work Injury Prevention Tip: Stay close to your work!

The physical and occupational therapists at Northern Physical Therapy often treat clients who have been injured while working. At NPT, we believe that education about prevention of re-injury is an important part of the rehabilitation of any injured worker.

Although injury prevention training is unique for each individual and their condition, a few techniques are applicable to many situations. One technique that applies to all work settings is to keep work within close ranges. This technique is simple to apply, but does require intentional effort. Here are some examples of how to use this tip:

1. Keep your upper arms parallel to your trunk while driving, keyboarding, using tools, and handling objects. This will allow you to maintain upright postures as well as minimize risk of injury to shoulders and elbows.

2. Long handles are an effective way to allow you to do work without reaching or bending. There are many options for lengthening or adjusting handle heights. Consider adjusting handles on carts, and using long handles on cleaning tools, kitchen tools, hand tools, yard/garden tools, office tools, sprayers, and shears.

3. Keep loads in your power zone to prevent back injury. Objects in your power zone will be close to your body, between thigh and chest level.

NPT has Occupational Therapists that specialize in work injuries and they are available to come to your office or workspace to make sure you’re working in the safest and most ergonomically correct environment possible. Contact any one of our five west Michigan locations to get more information.

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