April is Occupational Therapy Month

April is Occupational Therapy Month

Spring is a time of resurgence. The world around us awakens as buds pop from branches, birds return to grace us with their morning songs, and children roam the streets playing whatever game is the latest craze. It seems fitting then, at least to those of us who work in the field, that April was the month chosen to highlight Occupational Therapy.

Occupational Therapy’s main purpose is to allow people facing injury, illness, or disability to live life to the fullest. A second chance of sorts, to “start anew” by learning new ways to perform whatever occupations or activities are meaningful to them.

Whether a person is prescribed OT following an injury or is simply ready to take a more assertive approach to managing a disability, the focus is always client-centered and goal driven. Occupational therapy interventions focus on adapting to the environment, modifying the task, teaching the skill, and educating the client/family in order to increase participation in and performance of daily activities.

If you feel that you or someone you know might benefit from Occupational Therapy, please contact any of our five west Michigan clinics. We will be happy to offer you a consultation to determine what we can do to help you. In addition, we want to take this month to recognize each and every Occupational Therapist at Northern. Thank you for all you do to keep our patients moving!

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April is Occupational Therapy Month

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