Shoulder Pain or Injury: Our Therapists Can Help

Are you struggling from shoulder pain due to injury or overuse? If so, you already know that normal activities such as reaching into the top shelf of the cupboard, tucking in a shirt, throwing a ball, or putting on a coat may be limited and painful, or even feel downright impossible! Fortunately, there is treatment available.

The shoulder is a complex ball and socket joint, causing a variety of problems. The glenohumeral joint may develop scar tissue and become a “frozen shoulder.” Overuse, repetitive stress or unnatural strain may cause inflammation within the joint and a tendonitis, impingement or bursitis may occur. The delicate muscles that make up the rotator cuff are subject to strain or even tearing with trauma, poor posture or prolonged stress.

Our physical therapists have the tools to evaluate and treat these problems. Treatment may include proper stretching, strengthening, and posture improvement. Manual therapy techniques and/or modalities are utilized to help alleviate the pain. Aquatic therapy is another great tool for shoulder injuries and our Sparta and Grant clinics can accommodate aquatic shoulder therapy. The buoyancy of the water allows for stretching with less pain, and the water resistance allows for safe strengthening. Talk to one of our physical therapists if your shoulder is limiting you from your activities.

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