Preventing Back Injuries at Work

Did you know that back injuries account for one out of every five injuries in the workplace? Regardless of whether you’re on the move at work or sitting at a desk, the risk is there. Forward bending is a common risk for injury and so is long term sitting, which places the low back in a flexed or bent position.

 Here are some tips all workers can use to minimize back injuries at work:
1. Keep all work in close proximity. This will naturally promote an upright position of the spine.
2. Maintain core strength and flexibility. No matter what job you do, you are likely to be developing tight muscles in certain areas and weak muscles in others. Attention to these problem areas, using specific exercise, is important.
3. Maintain the proper curve in your low back. Whether you are on your feet or sitting for most of the day, most of your time should be spent with your head, shoulders, and hips aligned vertically. For seated work, a lumbar pillow placed in the small of the back can promote good spinal alignment. This type of pillow can be found here.

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