Physical Therapists, Physicians & Patients: All Working Together

At Northern we understand the relationship you’ve built with your physician is a strong one. If you’ve suffered from an injury or chronic condition, chances are you’ve been seeing your doctor for a while now. As physical therapists, our role is different than that of your doctor. After you’ve seen your physician, we work with you on a regular basis to help you restore strength and flexibility, and in many cases help you avoid surgery. In an effort to serve you, the patient, in the best way possible, we work closely with your physician to learn your health history, how the injury or condition was incurred and any other information that would be pertinent to your recovery.

Over the years we’ve built strong relationships with various physicians and medical offices. We recently received a letter from Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan, a longstanding partner and local medical office who often refers their patients to our clinics. This letter is a testament to the way we do business, always looking out for the patient first. Keeping you moving and feeling good is our number one priority.

Dear Northern Physical Therapy,
Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan has long been a leader in West Michigan Orthopaedic services. While our company offers a full compliment of musculoskeletal services including Physical Therapy, we understand that our patients need the ability to have quality Physical Therapy closer to their homes. OAM has partnered with Northern Physical Therapy so that our patients may experience that same quality of care that our physicians have come to expect in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. OAM and Northern Physical Therapy have also taken steps to ensure open lines of communication and updates on treatment protocols for all of your orthopaedic injuries. We recognize Northern Physical Therapy due to their continued efforts in education, treatment, and community service for Physical Therapy.
James R. Ringler MD, President OAM
Jeffery D. Regan LPT RTR, Dir. of Rehabilitation Services OAM

The care that we show Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan’s patients is no different than the care we show to all patients; and the open lines of communication are not specific to OAM either – we have the same protocols for each and every physician we partner with. In the state of Michigan you do need a referral from a physician to receive physical therapy, but where you seek therapy is your choice. We have 5 locations which are convenient for those who live in the outskirts of town and do not want to travel to Grand Rapids or Muskegon for their treatment.

If you have suffered from an injury, chronic condition, or are simply experiencing discomfort, remember, you don’t have to live with limited mobility or pain. Therapy can often help. Physical therapists are known to control pain more effectively which often leads to a decrease in the need for long term use of medications, help you to avoid surgery, and get you back to doing the activities you love. Our clinic achieves high patient satisfaction levels and we rely on proven treatment techniques to achieve positive outcomes.

Whether you are a physician looking to refer patients, or someone seeking the help of a physical therapist, remember that Northern is here for you.

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