How To Avoid Injury When Gardening

Gardening is great exercise, fun, and can be a wonderful part of healthy, active living. It also improves strength and can help increase and maintain flexibility. Not only does it offer physical benefits, it can also do wonders for the mind. People often find gardening a great stress reliever. But before you head out to spend hours digging and planting, read these important tips on how do it safely!

  • Don’t over reach. Move to the job and keep moving to be close to your work.
  • Keep your elbows partially bent, especially when doing resistive activities requiring elbow strength.
  • Face your work without twisting.
  • Hold objects with a light grasp for a short period of time. Avoid a tight, sustained grasp.
  • Squat with your heels on the ground.
  • Keep your back relatively straight, feet apart about a foot and toes pointed outward.
  • Plan your projects when it’s easier to do them. Moist earth is easier to dig in than dry, compact earth or soggy, saturated earth.
  • Keep tools close at hand.
  • Alternate tasks that require heavy or repetitive movement with tasks that are easier to do.

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