Feeling Great with Aquatic Therapy

Its nearly impossible to watch the news, look on Facebook, or chat with friends and not have the topic of the Olympics come up. In particular, swimming seems to be the topic of choice given that the competition has been fierce, Michael Phelps has won more medals that any Olympian in history and the United States is winning swimming medals left and right. Its a very exciting time for aquatics.

Not only is swimming a great sport to watch, but aquatics in general are a great source of healthy exercise, and therapy for many injuries and pains. As physical therapists, we work with patients in the water all the time at both our Grant and Sparta locations. Sparta is where you’ll find our state-of-the-art SwimEx pool, which features a resistant current, treating a wide variety of conditions, from severe arthritis to sports injuries.

Aquatic physical therapy is so beneficial because of the unique properties of water. Not only does the warm water of a pool help relax muscles and increase blood flow to painful areas, the buoyancy of the water helps patients with mobility issues to move more comfortably. Water also offers resistance for exercising to build strength with less pain and is a perfect environment for no-impact aerobic activity.

Aquatic Physical Therapy Help With:

– Function and independence
– Endurance/conditioning
– Body mechanics and posture
– Flexibility
– Strength
– Gait and ambulation
– Relaxation

We see patients who suffer from knee pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, sports injuries, and neck and shoulder pain.

Of course the pool isn’t just for healing purposes, its fun too!
We offer pool fitness classes at our Grant location which are led by a trained exercise instructor, and you do not have to know how to swim. The six-week long classes are designed to build flexibility, strength and cardio-vascular fitness, all with less stress on joints. These classes are great for expectant mothers too. If you are pregnant in the summer, the water is a great place to escape the heat. In the cooler months, prenatal water aerobics in an indoor pool is a great way to stay in shape. Regardless of the time of year, being in the water takes the pressure off your growing belly and its refreshing.

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