Northern Physical Therapy Celebrates 18 years!

This summer marks the 18th anniversary of Northern Physical Therapy. Eight years ago Janis and I made the leap from full time physical therapists to business owners when we purchased Northern Physical Therapy. While we knew this would be quite a change and challenge for us, we were optimistic about the differences that we could make in people’s lives. We wanted to create a culture with a clinical team that was committed to helping people feel better.

While there have been challenges along the way, we are proud to say we successfully added an additional location and a variety of services including women’s health physical therapy, massage, high school athletic training, fitness consultations, and programs for youth. These accomplishments could not have become a reality without the help of you. Every referral we have received from patients, physicians, nurses, community leaders and friends has made a positive impact on our business and for that, we thank you.

Gina Otterbein
Co-owner and Physical Therapist

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