Get outside and RUN for it!

The weather is finally warmer, making it the perfect time get off that treadmill and into the great outdoors. Here are a few tips to make the most of the season and keep you injury-free:

  • Always buy new shoes before they are worn out to prevent injuries. Most shoes will last about 500 miles, however, if you’ve been told that you are an over pronator, over supinator, or in the clydesdale division, shoes may last only 200.
  • Increase mileage by only 10% each week to avoid overuse injuries to the knees and shins.
  • Excessive or a sudden increase in running in sand or very soft surface may cause plantar fasciitis, which is an irritation and swelling of the thick tissue at the bottom of your foot.
  • To avoid injury to the achilles tendon, steer clear of running on rumble strips and dirt roads, and make sure to stretch your calf muscles.
  • Due to the slant in the road, vary the side of the road you run on to avoid injuries such as ITB syndrome, which results in pain on the outside of the knee joint.
  • Cross training 1-2 x/week by walking, biking, or swimming will allow your body to recover from the week of running and aide in prevention of injuries.
  • The best prevention of injuries is to stretch after warming up and at the end of every run. Stretches should be held at least 30-60 seconds and should include stretches to the calf, quad, hamstring, and knee muscles.

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