Dealing with Dizziness or Vertigo?

If you are over the age of 55 or have a fear or history of falling, you may want to consider a type of physical therapy called Vestibular rehabilitation.

The vestibular system is an essential part of our balance. It works within our inner ear to provide input to the brain as to the position of our head and body. It also evaluates acceleration and deceleration of movements of our head and body.

Physical Therapy can lead to improvement of posture, balance, strength, coordination, inner ear symptoms, your body’s awareness or position in space, and flexibility…all leading to improved functional mobility without loss of balance. These areas are very important for fall prevention, work participation, recreational activity participation, and daily activity performance.

In addition to therapy, here are four things you can do to prevent falls:

1. Begin a regular exercise program
2. Have your health care provider review your medicines
3. Have your vision checked
4. Make your home safer by…
Removing things that you can trip over (books, clothes, shoes) from stairs or walkways
Removing small throw rugs or use double sided tape to keep rugs from slipping
Keeping items you use often in cabinets you can reach easily without a step stool
Having grab bars put in next to toilet and in shower
Using non-slip mats in tub and shower
Improving lighting in your home
Having handrails and lights put in stairways
Wearing shoes both inside and out – avoid going barefoot or wearing slippers


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