A Strong Center – exercises that benefit your core

Core exercise should be a part of your daily routine. If you’re currently working with a therapist at NPT, he or she will develop the exercises that suit your needs and goals. If you’d like to try something simple from home to begin, follow this easy exercise that focuses on engaging your core: Start by lying on the floor. Find a neutral position of your spine, which is a position where your back is neither too flat nor too arched. Tighten the abdominals by drawing your belly button in toward your spine and engage the pelvic floor by thinking about stopping the flow of urine. If you place your fingers on your lower abdomen just inside of the pelvic bones you should feel the muscle firm up as you contract them. It is important to remember to keep breathing while you contract these muscles and not to strain.

Ready for more of a challenge? Join one of our fitness programs at NPT. The Mayo Clinic also has some good information, including a slide show with photos, here

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