Athletic Trainers

Did you know that NPT employs trainers who also serve as the athletic trainers for Coopersville, Cedar Springs, and Grant public schools? If you’ve ever wondered what exactly these athletic trainers offer our local athletes…read on!

  • Athletic trainers are specifically educated to recognize and treat athletic injuries. Other first responders or medical professionals may not be.
  • Studies have shown that more injuries occur during practices instead of games, so it is important to have an athletic trainer on hand during practices.
  • Athletic trainers can provide prevention/follow-up care to help avoid reinjury.
  • Coaches may be trained in basic first aid or CPR but may not be prepared to recognize or handle emergency situations.
  • Athletic trainers can make important return to play decisions, taking into consideration the safety of the athlete.
  • Athletic trainers are able to decipher whether athletes need further medical attention, perhaps saving an athlete a trip to the emergency room.
  • Athletic trainers are able to follow up with athletes on a daily basis and monitor progress post-injury.
  • Athletic trainers work closely with other healthcare providers, such as physical therapists and physicians, to decide the best course of treatment for injured athletes.


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