WorkFit Services

WorkFit Services

For businesses & employees

Work injuries don’t just happen on dangerous job sites. Desk jobs can cause back pain and carpal tunnel, and workstations that aren’t ergonomically correct can lead to health issues too. We represent both the business and the employee, leading to an overall healthier and happier workplace.


Physical Therapy

Living a pain free life is essential to your well being. From minor pain to a traumatic injury, we’re beside you all the way.
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Wellness & Fitness

Feel your best with yoga classes, personal training services, and programs for the entire family!
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“I came to Northern through Workers’ Comp due to a shoulder injury. Since therapy began I’ve regained full mobility in my shoulder and have a lot less pain. I’ve continued the strength training that was recommended and am back to feeling 100%” – Workers’ Comp patient from our Grand Rapids location