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At Northern Physical Therapy, we believe in educating our patients, and the communities in which we live and work. We have a variety of educational events scheduled throughout the year, each focusing on a different health topic. 

Upcoming Events
  • Grant Open House

    Thursday, April 24, 5-7pm at our Grant clinic, 17615 West Moore Road, 231.834.0208

    We've been known to throw a great party so we're excited to invite you to our Open House, celebrating our 20th year in business! Join us for desserts, drinks, giveaways, and a super spring sale! You'll also have an opportunity to meet and mingle with our therapists who will be ready to talk about back pain, women’s health, foot orthotics and fitness/sports injuries.

    As a special bonus, for one night only, we will be offering many of our gift certificates, services and products at 20% off!
    GIFT CERTIFICATES: Personal Fitness Training, Monthly Fitness Packages, Pool Classes, and Massage
    SERVICES: Custom foot orthotic fittings
    PRODUCTS: Including, but not limited to: Biofreeze, Lumbar Rolls, Theraband, Colpac
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    Healthy Summer Living
    Tuesday, May 13, 6-7pm
    With all the social events that quickly fill up the calendar in the summer, it's easy to just want to lay on the beach during your free time. But, summer is a great time to stay active! This event will teach you some new and creative activities to keep you fit during the summer. We'll also feature a youth oriented therapist who will focus on fitness programs and activities for the youngsters in your family.
    Wayland Clinic: 709 West Superior, Wayland, 269.792.4440
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    Girls Night Out - A Women's Health Event
    Thursday, June 12, 5-7pm
    As women, sometimes we run into health issues that may be uncomfortable to talk about, but it's important to remember that we're not alone. Grab a friend and join us for Girl's Night Out, our Women's Health event on June 12, where we'll be talking about a variety of topics including athletic injuries, incontinence, postpartum issues, and back pain. If there are other sources of nagging pain that you've been wanting to ask about, now is the time! Of course, we'll have wine and hors d'oeuvres, and our massage therapist will be on hand to offer a little pampering as well.

    Wayland Clinic: 709 West Superior, Wayland, 269.792.4440

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    Good Form Running :: Sparta
    Tuesday, September 16, 6-7pm, with Gazelle Sports
    *Space is limited to 15 participants, early registration is strongly encouraged.
    Sparta Clinic: 31 Ida Red, Sparta, 616.887.8152 

    For many of us, running is not just a way to maintain a healthy weight, it's a way of life. With practice you can constantly improve your running technique to reduce your chances of injury and run faster. There is a better way to run and we're going to show you how at this event, hosted in conjunction with Gazelle Sports.

    Knowing the proper form can help you eliminate the chances of injury, and improve your speed. And we all know that nothing is worse than developing a nagging pain that keeps you from running. 

    If you have questions about this event, contact us at 616.887.8152.
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    Balance and Falls :: Sparta
    Thursday, October 16, 6-7pm
    Do you or a loved one have a history of near falls, loss of balance, arthritis, or a recent surgery? Join us as we discuss strategies to improve balance and prevent the risk of falls.
    Sparta Clinic: 31 Ida Red, Sparta, 616.887.8152   
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