Posture & Body Mechanics Services

Posture & Body Mechanics

Proper body mechanics is a core principle for preventing and rehabilitating back and/or neck dysfunction. Back and neck pain generally arise from repetitive activities that put abnormal stress on the back and neck over a prolonged period of time. Postural awareness should be incorporated into all of your everyday activities, which is why we offer a Posture and Body Mechanics training program.

Following an evaluation, occupational therapy practitioners provide one on one instruction in the use of proper postures and body mechanics, or in the use of compensatory techniques that reduce the risk of reinjury during activities of daily living. Instruction is customized to each client’s specific roles and routines. 

Another problem we’re seeing more often with our patients is a result of the all-common sedentary office setting. Sustained sitting, poor posture and awkward office set-up are causing people pain, fatigue and muscle imbalance. Posture and Body Mechanics Training can help people learn how to cope in this environment.