Pool Classes

Pool Classes

For anyone who wants a great way to exercise, or for patients who wish to continue building strength after having therapy, we offer year-round pool fitness classes at our Grant location.

Pool Fitness Classes are led by a trained exercise instructor and participants do not have to know how to swim. The six-week long, two sessions per week classes are designed to build flexibility, strength and cardio-vascular fitness, all with less stress on joints. Many of our former patients appreciate being able to utilize water exercises in a familiar setting with staff they already know and especially enjoy using the heated pool during the winter months. A few classes in each 6 week session will feature an "educational minute" by one of our therapists, where you'll learn some valuable tips for staying fit.

Prenatal Water Aerobics Classes
Pregnancy is an exciting time for a woman. It’s also a time when your body changes and increased weight and size can bring discomfort, affecting you both physically and emotionally. As the months wear on, it's not only difficult to do the things you used to - sometimes it's downright impossible. That’s where a prenatal water aerobics class can help.

Water is the ultimate anti-gravity medium. When a pregnant woman is in the water, she feels less heavy and can move more easily. This makes water aerobics a low-impact activity for pregnancy-strained muscles and joints. Just the sensation of (near) weightlessness can be relaxing enough - but add a dose of healthy activity to the mix, and you've got a perfect combination. The consistent temperature of most pools also helps to prevent overheating during aerobic exercise and it’s a great way to meet other expectant moms in your community.

Water aerobics are completely safe for pregnant women to participate in the same classes as non-pregnant women and all you'll need is a clearance note from your doctor. NPT’s pool classes at our Grant location are offered many times per week, starting at $46 for a 6 week session. We invite you to join us to see for yourself how great water aerobics can make you feel during this special time.

Open Swim
Join us for open swim on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30. For just $5 you can come in and use the pool to exercise, swim, or just relax in the water.

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TFree Pool Pass
here are a variety of classes to choose from: Mondays and Wednesdays 9-10am, 10:30-11:30am, 12-1pm, 4:30-5:30pm and on Fridays classes are held from 9-10am and 12-1pm. Prices start at $46.00 per six week session. You must register prior to the session begin date for each session you wish to attend. Full payment is expected at registration. You must register on the upper level of Northern Physical Therapy, at the Grant location; registration is not complete until full payment is made.