Athletic Training Services

Youth Personal Training

Northern Physical Therapy provides individualized performance enhancement training for youth of all athletic and physical abilities to improve coordination, strength, speed, mobility and confidence.

Children and teens are involved in a lot of activities these days, from running and marching band to dance and motor-cross (and of course sports and athletics!) No matter what their sport, kids feel the expectation to perform better. It is not unusual that a child needs to further develop physical or athletic skills to ensure their success. That's why Northern offers one-on-one personalized training for kids and teens.

We have a team of experts to support your child including licensed Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Athletic Trainers. We will listen to both the parent and the child to find out what challenges you are experiencing and the goals you’d like to achieve. Next we assess your child's physical performance, considering age and maturation level. We then develop a customized performance enhancement program that empowers and educates your child to enhance athletic and physical ability with a focus on injury prevention.

Training sessions are typically 30-60 minutes 1-2 times weekly and include balance, coordination, speed, agility, jumping and quickness activities. The student will also be assigned specific tasks to work on between sessions. To schedule an introductory training session, please call 616.997.6172. Additional personal training options are available through our Personal Fitness Training program.

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