Our main goal at Northern Physical Therapy is to make sure our patients are living a pain free and healthy life. Nothing makes us happier than to receive a follow up from a patient who is pleased with the care they received and is feeling great. If you are a past patient and would like to share your NPT experience with us, feel free to fill out our patient feedback form.

“When I began my therapy at Northern, I didn’t know if I’d ever walk or live normally again. The therapists coached me and trained my muscles and nerves with gradually increasing strengthening exercises and recuperation activities. Throughout the months the therapists' positive attitudes and caring gave me the hope that I could have a “normal” life again. Some things are a new normal and the instructors showed me a new way to do some movements. Now I know I CAN live a pretty good life and even though there may always be pain, I’ve been shown how to manage it. Thank you Northern.”

Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan has long been a leader in West Michigan Orthopaedic services.  While our company offers a full compliment of musculoskeletal services including Physical Therapy, we understand that our patients need the ability to have quality Physical Therapy closer to their homes. OAM has partnered with Northern Physical Therapy so that our patients may experience that same quality of care that our physicians have come to expect in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries.  OAM and Northern Physical Therapy have also taken steps to ensure open lines of communication and updates on treatment protocols for all of your orthopaedic injuries.  We recognize Northern Physical Therapy due to their continued efforts in education, treatment, and community service for Physical Therapy.
James R. Ringler MD. President OAM
Jeffery D.  Regan  LPT RTR Dir. of Rehabilitation Services OAM

"Tell your friends and family what the letters PTP stand for. The acronym PTP stands for Physical Therapy Professional. You will find as I found, the professionals at Northern Physical Therapy are qualified. A qualified professional has skills and knowledge related to the strengths and the proper operation of the body and the value of a fruitful relationship with their customer. The qualified professional at Northern communicates well and listens closely as you describe your discomfort. Then and only then will they design a program that will allow you to finish well. Northern’s staff’s integrity and YES attitude is more than simple honesty; it’s the key to their success. They are able to connect with others and build trust. Their ability to pull everything together, after they ask good questions about you is professionally done. To make it all happen, positively, no matter how challenging the circumstances are, is their action plan. Their continued success is not related to only talent and brains. The real factor is the makeup of the company, they care. Thank you Northern, you did well and I feel better. A quick solution or drugs was not the answer to my pain, Northern’s solution was. Sixty one years old and running stronger, exercise and a PTP is the key."
Paul H.

"My experience at NPT has been great. My shoulder surgery might have been postponed or avoided if my doctor had sent me here first. Still, the recovery was much more tolerable due to the expertise of the therapists who guided me. After three months I feel confident that I will make a full recovery from a very painful injury. I will also receive continued support via emails to answer questions I have, even though my therapy is finished. What more could I ask for! "
Patricia of Coopersville

"Who better to teach our young athletes about how to properly stretch and work their bodies than professionals in the business? That's what you get when you attend the Northern Physical Therapy Boot Camp. Gina Otterbein and her staff have made a commitment to helping today's youth become healthier by offering this camp. Their commitment and professionalism has helped me improve my knowledge and abilities when training the Junior Varsity girls soccer players. I would recommend that if you're an athlete, you attend the Northern Physical Therapy Boot Camp."
Scott Morgan
Formerly of the Bronco Connection

"I had requested physical therapy from the surgeon that did my total hip replacement. I felt that I needed more exercises and help with working to correct muscle groups to help me return to normal activities more quickly. The sessions were developed around my needs and at a level that would help heal and not cause unnecessary pain. I quickly reached 95% plus of my former hip function and I would not hesitate to use Northern for any future needs."
Mark H. of Coopersville

"The help I've received from Northern Physical Therapy has been so tremendous. The staff (therapists and receptionist) were friendly and put me at ease right away. The exercises and stretches they had me do, both here and at home, were so beneficial to my body that it not only relieved my pain, but I can also now move more freely---in some cases much more than I've been able to do in years! I am so very thankful to those with whom I worked at Northern Physical Therapy! I would recommend them to anyone in need of physical therapy."
Thanks Val

"Explained everything to me, and very helpful"
Dale W., Coopersville

“I would recommend Grant-Northern P.Y to anyone who needs P.T. for whatever reason. The therapists were thorough in their care for each patient. Knew when to push, encourage and back down if needed. The Front Desk personel were welcoming and helpful. I felt’part of the team’ in my care. Thank you.”
Sandy H. of Grant

“I didn’t feel as hopeless after I came to you. You listened to me in order to figure out what we needed to do to get me better. The research and education helped me be more independent. I am so pleased with the service I received.” JerryAnn G.

“I would recommend Northern Physical Therapy to anyone whom has back related issues. The Grant Location where I went to were exceptional. They Worked with me and my schedule. My insurance isn’t the greatest as far as time but my Therapist made the best of my time while I was there for my appointments.”
Melissa S. of Grant

“What a difference in just  a few weeks! I am pain free!!! Lisa Encouraged my efforts, explained how to continue at home. Thank You.”
Pasty T

“I worked with Amber at first she was very nice and we started out slow but aggressive. Sore at first but got used to it. Had four sessions with Jim, very nice and considerate. Kept me busy always pushing a little more. Nothing I couldn’t do. I feel NPT has helped gain my strength back and taught me life long exercises for home use. Thank you.”
Beth L of Grant

"This was my 2nd experience with Northern and the services I received were again successful in reducing my pain and symptoms of my injury. Staff are personable and caring and excellent at validating you concerns and effective and efficient when implementing you plan of healing. I would recommend their services without hesitation. It is amazing to me that healing can occur near pain free. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me and teaching me how to care for myself."
Heather G of Newaygo

I want to thank you for all the thought that you put into my shoulder that was hurting so bad. Northern PT has friendly and informative clinicians and support staff. When choosing a provider for your PT & OT needs, you should choose Northern PT if you need help with your back, shoulder or leg, and that is the truth! Have a Happy-Merry Merry Christmas to all the Northern Physical Therapy Services staff!
Dale W.

Dear Northern Physical Therapy,

I want to take a few moments to express my excellent experience with your staff at the Cedar Springs location. I was referred to Northern Physical Therapy by my family doctor. I had been experiencing neck pain but wasn't sure of a solution. Beginning with my first visit, and Janelle's welcoming smile, I immediately realized the value your organization provides.

Within 10 minutes during my first visit, Sarah had identified several sources of my discomfort. Throughout the entire time she made efforts to explain why different points of tension led to neck discomfort.  She strategically addressed issues I had no idea existed. Most of all, she proved she knew her profession.  She was confident in her analysis, while continually validating her expectations. She was kind and thoughtful the entire visit. She evaluated home based exercises that fit my personal needs. To say the least, I was eager to return for my next appointment.

Upon my second visit, I was introduced to Kelly and Anne. Though I was disappointed initially to not see Sarah again, my disappointment faded quickly when I realized that Kelly and Anne shared Sarah's expertise and compassion. Although Kelly and Anne had different styles, they complimented Sarah at every step. Within minutes of the visit, I felt like I was building on the foundation Sarah had laid.

Throughout the following visits, I developed a stronger knowledge of my muscles and how they interact with each other. As I spent more time with Anne, Kelly, and Sarah, I became more confident in my movements and more conscious of my activities. During every visit the staff interacted with each other, utilizing everyone's strengths, to work toward my recovery. They continually re-evaluated my progress and implemented new exercises as time passed. By my last visit, I felt a friendship establish with all of the staff at NPT.

The entire staff deserves a thank you. From Janelle's heartfelt welcome to Anne, Kelly, and Sarah's patience and knowledge, I am grateful. I would highly recommend not only NPT, but more importantly the Cedar Springs location. After all, the most important component to any healthcare is the staff administering that care. NPT's Cedar Springs therapists and staff are, without question, some of the best medical professionals I've encountered. I am fortunate to have experienced such exemplary service and care.

Thank you,

Scotty K.

When I received my Mckenzie spinal therapy through Northern Physical Therapy, I was treated with care from the moment I made my phone call to the end of my therapy. I wish to thank everyone at Northern in Coopersville for the care, conversation, and treatment given to me.
Yours Truly,
Bob W., Conklin

Northern Physical Therapy really helped me with my neck and back pain. They showed me the correct ways to do exercises I already did, and showed me exercises to strengthen my weak muscles. Thank you Northern!
Erin M., Grand Rapids

Dear NPT Practice,

It has come to my attention that you were recently awarded the 2010 Coopersville Broncos Supportive Business of the Year award from the Coopersville High School Athletic Department and Athletic Boosters. Congratulations on this exciting opportunity. Members of NPT have shown themselves to be very active in local school athletics. Specific examples of these outstanding contributions can be seen in the Athletic Boosters, as well as in the local sports programs themselves. In addition, this organization has continued to provide support to the local area by having employees who serve on the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club, as well as volunteer in various programs that encourage a more close-knit and prosperous community. Thank you for your continuous efforts within the Coopersville Area, as they are appreciated by all.

I would like to congratulate you, again, for being awarded the 2010 Coopersville Broncos Supportive Business of the Year award and encourage you to keep up the good work for many years to come.

Dave Agema
State Representative

I have been to Sparta Northern Therapy after surgery on both knees. The first one, last June, I did't know what to expect, but was impressed by how much time the therapist spend working with me and explaining as the sessions progressed.

When I had the second knee done in late January I could hard wait for the home therapist to release me so I could go where the equipment and help was superb. I got the same care and explanation of the exercises that I had the first time there.

While primarily assigned to one therapist, I found them all helpful and cheerful. Even on days they has a ‚A full house‚ I never felt neglected. Because of their attitudes, everyone, including most of the clients, were pretty upbeat.

I hope I have no reason to use their therapy again, but should that day come, there is no question in my mind where I will go for help.

Helen L.

To whom it my concern,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all your help. The excellent job Northern Physical Therapy has done to rehabilitate me has been far beyond my expectations.In January of 2009 I suffered a Brain Aneurysm that left me with many physical problems. Since I knew for many years what an excellent reputation you have, I naturally choose your facility in my time of need. 

I wanted you to know that my physical therapist Kelly, and my Occupational Therapist Lisa are very exceptional people.They both not only have given me great care, but are truly thoughtful and kind people. I look forward to every appointment that I have with them. Mainly because, I know that they are really helping me get better and I enjoy the the conversations I have with them.

When I first started my therapy I had many things wrong with me.Both my therapists have been instrumental in getting to the core of my problems.I really feel I would have been lost both physically and emotionally if it where not for the wonderful people at Northern Physical Therapy.Thanks to all of you for making my recovery better than I could ever have anticipated.

Lori P.

I feel so much better. My physical therapist helped me achieve my goals and helped me get back to my normal activities. The entire staff was very knowledgeable and helpful and I recommend Northern PT to others.
Margie, former NPTS patient

Thank you so much for all of the info. I was excited to meet the Dr. and will make an appt. with her soon. I sat in the front row and live in Moline. I have had 2 back surgerys and love Physical therapist as they were so helpful in my recooperation-so thank you for all you do for people. I support your ideas of these open houses for info.

Beverly O.

I would highly recommend Northern PT; the staff is so friendly, the facilities are always clean- it's like being a part of a family.
Michele G.

Northern PT is always there to teach, encourage, assist and support...Northern PT us simply the best!
Barb, N. PT Patient

I wouldn't want to go anywhere else...very helpful, kind and understanding team at Northern PT.
DK, N. PT Former Patient

Let me lay the back ground so you can fully appreciate the import of this message. Having unloaded trucks for over 30 years, elbow problems reared it's ugly head. I put up with it for a while, but then the severity made a grown man writhe in misery. A visit to the specialist did nothing for the pain; however, events let me to NPTS where I met Lisa.

At first I figured, what does this young lady know about hard physical work, and is she just another pretty face at a medical facility? She took control of the situation immediately, and started diagnosing and putting entries into the lap top. Before the hour was up, she had located the offending ligaments and tendons, heated, loosened And massaged them. The trip down the road to recovery had begun.

Lisa knows her craft, and is able to communicate very well. I discovered that she can converse intelligently on most any topic, and laughs easily. One of her many strengths is her ability to focus on the job at hand, and leave no doubt in one's mind you are not to ‚poke the sore tissue!

If you are in pain, or have problems with your ability to work at your job, see Lisa. I regret not having started the healing process a long time ago. Needless suffering can be avoided by having Lisa work on your sore limbs.

Respectfully submitted,
Steve L.

I have been referring patients to Northern Physical Therapy since 2003. The staff gives expert care and their team is a credit to the therapy profession. They not only get my patients better, but they go the extra mile to educate and patients on prevention strategies, home programs and fitness options. They allow my patients to return to well-being with less pain, increased strength, and mobility so they can enjoy life.

Dr. Kyle Randall, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon

I was impressed with everyone's concern and compassion...professional and a fun experience.
 S.H., Northern PT Former Patient