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Starting physical therapy for the first time can be intimidating. You’re struggling with pain and not sure if you’ll ever feel better. But a friendly smile and a caring voice from your therapist goes a long way and you soon begin to feel more comfortable. Before the end of your first visit you’re already beginning to build trust in what will become a very close patient/therapist relationship. At Northern, our physical therapists understand the anxiety that accompanies an injury or discomfort. Let us help you feel good, get moving again, and live pain free. 

healing physical therapy

Pain is not a way of life. If you’re suffering from chronic back pain, arthritis, or pain from an injury, physical therapy can help. Our priority is to get you moving freely and feeling good. + Are you living with pain?

moving occupational therapy

Does pain or an injury affect your daily life, making it difficult to do your job or simple tasks at home? If so, its time to seek the help of a dedicated Occupational Therapist so you can begin living pain free. + Is occupational therapy right for you?

Being prevention & wellness

Becoming your best YOU can be a wonderful journey. Let us show you how to begin. From personal training to massage to pool fitness classes, we’ve got something for every age group. + Check out our Personal Training packages!